Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson
Subject: Gutter and Downpipe Replacement
I would like to organise a quote to get the gutter at the back of my house and one down pipe replaced. The gutter is 16m long. It is located under an awning and access is a bit restricted. I’m available anytime next week if someone can come and have a look and do a quote. I can send through a photo of the area as well if that helps.
0427 532 988
1 Grevillea Court
Moffat Beach

In addition to replacing the gutter other details of the job are:
relocate downpipe to very end of gutter (currently approx 1 foot from the end)
quote separate item for hire of trestle and re-seal of gutter on rear-deck awning.

18m (quote for 20m) deep ocean type m gutter on rear deck single story house.
2 story downpipe
Seperate quote for reseal patio gutter and trestle hire