Brett Tollis

Have spoken to and given rough price
$2000 give or take

I have just bought a house in Caloundra and need a rough quote for the following:
There is a small back extension 2.9m x 4.4m ( see floor plan). There is a leak through the metal roofing . I need to know what your estimated price would be to fix this, or to replace the entire section.
The main roof is Super Six and is in good condition. (no work required)
In addition, the 2.9m x 4.4m section has rusted through guttering which would need to be replaced.
I understand it would be difficult to give an accurate quote, but I was just wondering if you could give me an approximation (fix and or replace), as well as how long it would take to fix/replace.
How far ahead would I need to book this?
The house settlement is not for a few weeks, so I can’t give you access to inspect it.
Please see additional photos, attached, including the rear deck which would be the access to the roof section.
Thanks in advance
Wonderful, thanks
Please add a note to whomever is doing the work that the side gate now has a numbered padlock on it. ( please re-lock when leaving)
The code is 6612
Please call if anyone has any problems